Virtual Private Screening Info

A virtual private screening is an opportunity for you to raise funds and engage your audience with a meaningful story that will drive them toward action.

Hosting a Private Screening involves:

Preparing your email list, emails, & any merchandise

  • Prepare your email list and create three direct emails to promote the movie to your members.
  • Send the first email 3-4 weeks before, the second email 2 weeks before, and then final email the week before the screening.
  • Determine any merchandise you’d like to sell, and you’ll ship them after orders are received.

Promoting to your email list

  • We’ll provide you with suggested content, and a link to the page where people can view the trailer, purchase tickets, buy merchandise, and make donations. When the premiere date arrives, ticket holders will have 7 days to unlock their screening and 48 hours to watch the film. We suggest $18 ticket price.

Sharing Costs & Revenue

  • $1,500 Virtual Screening Fee, subtracted from ticket sales.
  • 50/50 Ticket revenue split, 50/50 Donations revenue split* Donations through the site are not tax-deductible. We’ll also feature a direct link to donate to your organization.
  • 100% of Merchandise sales to merch sellers
  • 5% & $1.98 fee per ticket charge from exhibitor ($1.98 can be included with ticket or extra charge)
  • $500 for 3 min. intro from your organization and Q&A with the filmmaker, subtracted from ticket sales. If you add the intro and Q&A and do not make minimum 2x the Virtual Screening Fee in ticket sales and donations, the screening fee will be reduced to $500.

Engaging Your Audience

  • During the Q&A, you will have an opportunity to pitch how audience members can partner with you.
  • You can purchase wholesale copies of The Sound of Violet novel to give as gifts to key donors, to include as part of an auction, or to promote the screening.
  • If someone would like to invite someone not on your current list, they can join your email list to be invited.

Please note: Your screening cannot be promoted or advertised ANYWHERE online: including social media, websites, or anywhere on the web. The screening can only be promoted through your email list and to anyone who joins your list. This is a private screening for your members, and all emailed invitations are non-transferrable. Viewers can gift a screening to someone, using their email address. Click here to find out why.

* Donations to the movie will be used to pay for the cost of the movie and make further distribution possible.